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The Area

Panama City is a center with all the sense of the word. Located in the Gulf of Panama along the Pacific coast, Panama City is located in the heart of the country and functions as the main artery through which the rest of Panama receives its visitors, commerce, and culture. Here the pace of life is quite fast, especially compared to the rest of the country - at all times you can find taxis on the streets, street vendors at intersections, and locals chatting on park benches. And yet, despite all its modernity, Panama City still retains much of its history - the ruins of Panama Viejo, for example, are extensive and well preserved - which is considered charming and informative by visitors. In addition, due to the unique location of the country, it is extremely international, with cultures from all over the world represented within the exclusive structure of the city. Whether for a few days or a few weeks, Panama City will capture anyone who visits and provide a wonderful introduction to the rest of the country.

Things to do in Panama City

Walk through the Old Town: This is one of the most frequented tourist sites in Panama for its colonial buildings, colors and the variety of activities you can do in this area. If you are a photography lover, you will love it!

Get to know the ruins of Panama la Vieja: Spend a few hours to get to know the city that was the first city on the west coast of the Americas, functioning as the main city in Latin America.

Visit the Biomuseo: The Biomuseo was designed by Frank Gehry, being the only building created by him in Latin America. This architectural wonder inside has exquisite exhibits where you will learn about the biodiversity of the Isthmus of Panama.

Cross the Panama Canal: The best way to get to know this marvel of engineering is to make a boat trip. Normally these tours last between 4 to 5 hours. You will be touring from the north entrance in Culebra Court, you arrive at the Pedro Miguel locks, finally you pass through Miraflores that will transport you to the Pacific Ocean. It is an adventure!

Get to know the Emberá Community: Panama is one of the few countries in Latin America with greater ease to know the indigenous communities. The Emberá are located in the jungle of the Chagres National Park on the banks of the Panama Canal, a few minutes from the city.

Climb Cerro Ancón: Walking to the top of Cerro Ancón, which is the highest point in Panama City, is an experience, here you can enjoy and marvel at the beautiful view of the capital and the Panama Canal.

Visit the Metropolitan Park: You must visit this amazing place is like visiting a jungle in the middle of the city. Here you can find a great variety and diversity of animal species, such as toucans, monkeys and sloths. Although it seems incredible, only less than 2 kilometers from here cars circulate through the congested streets of Panama. It is like an oasis in the middle of the urban area.

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