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the Area

Medellín is a captivating city, not only because of its pleasant climate (around 24 ° C throughout the year), but also because of the kindness of its people, its delicious food and that charming charm that makes those who visit them fall in love.

What things to do?

Visit Medellin during the Flower Fair: Flowers everywhere, Medellin dressed in a thousand colors, attracting national and foreign tourists, a unique reception environment, floats, jeeps, collection cars, comparsas and floral arrangements.

Enjoy Metrocable: From the south to the north, the beautiful and monumental mountains that surround the large urban buildings have that green characteristic of the spring city of Colombia. The Metrocable offers us an incomparable view that no other means of transport can give, crossing any existing geographical and social limit.

Viista el Pueblito Paisa: The Pueblito Paisa is a reconstruction of a traditional Colombian town with colonial architecture. This place could be considered a kind of museum, in which each house has a special workshop: a barber shop, the mayor's office, bakery, etc.

Visit the Desires Park: Considered as a place of entertainment for local people and tourists, the Desires Park is a public space in the center of Medellin. The main purpose of this park is to understand the universe, and for this, visitors can interact with astronomy, science, music and have contact with water. Among the main buildings of the place, there are the Municipal House and the Planetarium of Music, where you can enjoy the regional rhythms of Colombia.

Tour Botero Square: Also known as Plaza de las Esculturas, this place is known nationally and internationally for hosting 23 sculptures made by Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero. If you are a fan of art or you like to appreciate the beauty of things, we advise you to visit this square, since Botero's work is recognized mainly for its originality, being very different compared to other artists, certainly an icon of the Latin American culture

Make a Graffiti: In the heart of Commune 13, a popular neighborhood that a few years ago nobody would have recommended visiting, graffiti is done. The tour of the most impressive murals of the city, brings into play the most artistic veins of its inhabitants and bets on telling the culture of the neighborhood, to teach not to repeat.

Visit Arvi Park: Arví Park is a protected area in the mountains that seems impossible as close to a city as Medellín. The activities that can be done range from hiking to picnics and horse riding. If you have time, I recommend you spend a whole day. The park is a special place. If you have little time and it is time, do not miss the orchids.

Climb the Peñol de Guatape: The Peñol, located in the municipality of Guatapé, is a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Medellín. As the name implies, El Peñol is a gigantic rock where after climbing hundreds of steps, you get a magnificent view of the entire town and a great reservoir from where you will take the best photos.

Relax in the Botanic Garden: There is no better place than the Botanical Garden to find (and find) disconnection and relaxation ... And in a city as large as Medellin, this haven of peace is the closest thing there is to paradise. Entrance is free.

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