El Valle de Antón tours

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The Area

The town of El Valle de Antón is located in the province of Coclé, 120 km from Panama City. The town is located in the caldera of the second largest inhabited volcano in the world. There this microclimate, near the cloud forest created some great varieties in the flora and fauna.

Things to do in the Anton Valley

Vegetable Market and Artisan Market: Here you can buy fruits, ornamental plants, flowers and orchids and take a look at local art and local crafts. Including: pottery, trays (wooden trays), baskets, hats, carved wood and painted totumas (cups made of pumpkin) and trinkets made of acorn. Some Kuna Indians also offer their crafts, such as colored molas and jewelry.

El Valle Museum (next to the Catholic Church): Here you will find a well-ordered collection of Precolumbian Art / Religious Art / Ethnographies of the 19th century. and XX. / crafts / Paintings and geological information.

Bird Watching: The Valley is one of the best places in Panama to see tropical birds. You will find them in the valley and in the cloud forest of the Gaital Monument.

Petroglyphs: The Painted Stone. These precolumbian petroglyphs (plus a rock) have not yet been able to decode. Some locals say it has been a map of merchants, others say it is a map of caves that connect the surrounding mountains.

Horse Rental: If you have an equestrian taste, then you need to visit the Horse Rental located near the Hotel Campestre and take a horse ride through the mountains. There is a stable with more than thirty horses and the ride comes with a guide for your comfort.

The Canopy Adventure: It is suspended a few meters above the ground of the rainforest in a harness. It hangs over the trees from one platform to another platform. There are six platforms in total.

Go through Sleeping India: It is the most famous hill in El Valle de Anton, has its own legend and was immortalized in a poetry by Rogelio Sinán. The entire edge of this hill can be walked in a few hours on a 15-kilometer route if the proposed route is followed.

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