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How to get to Cali from Bogotá?

The distance (journey) from Bogota to Cali consists of an airline of approximately 300 kilometers (km). With the car or the train, the effective distance to Cali is probably longer, since only the direct route (airline) from Bogota to Cali is calculated here.


10 Things to do in Cali, Colombia

Know the Historical Center: The historic center of Cali, has some very beautiful places, with an architecture to admire.

Bulevar del Río: This pedestrian promenade was designed once the construction of the underground tunnel, one of the largest in South America in an urban area, was completed.

Visit the Gato del Río: This place is another must-see among the things to do in Cali, since it is very visited by tourists, because this giant sculpture of the cat has become an icon of the city.

Cerro de Cristo King Cali: The hill of Cristo Rey is located on the road to the sea and was opened in 1953, from there you will have the opportunity to see one of the best views of the city.

Barrio San Antonio Cali: You can not leave Cali, without knowing the San Antonio neighborhood, located in the west of the city, it is very easy to reach it, since it is very close to downtown.

Going out of rumba in Cali: If you visit Cali, you can not stay without touring some of their clubs, the best areas to go to Cali are in Juanchito, Menga, and in general throughout the city.

Go to the Cali Zoo: The zoo is located in the west of the city and it is a very nice plan, especially if you go with children, so I recommend it in this list of things to do in Cali.

Knowing San Cipriano: If you have the opportunity and you like the plans to enjoy nature, going to San Cipriano will leave you delighted, prop it up on your list of things to do in Cali.

Beaches of Juanchaco and Ladrilleros: And why not make the complete plan? Once in San Cipriano you can go to Buenaventura, since it is only 17 km away and take the boats that take you to the beaches of the Colombian Pacific.

Eat a empanada con ají: You can not leave the city without trying one of their empanadas, a typical dish of the Cali cuisine. You will find numerous places to taste them.

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