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How to get to Boquete?

Plane: Boquete is a very small population that does not have its own airport. However, if you want to get as close as possible by plane, the closest airport is the one in the city of David.

Bus: Boquete is so small that it does not have a bus terminal "per se", but the buses leave you in one of the streets that surround the main town square, so you will never be far from your hotel.

10 Things to do in Boquete

Get to know the plaza of Bajo Boquete: The town of Bajo Boquete, which is the main town, has a central square (Domingo Medica Park) where there is usually a craft fair. You can walk and buy some souvenirs.

Visit Los Cangilones de Gualaca: They are a canyon that formed on the Estí River, due to the erosion of the water. In the area near the town of Gualaca a kind of spa was created, but without infrastructure, so it is necessary to carry everything you think you may need.

Walk the path Los Quetzales: The walkers will be fascinated by walking for more than 8 hours on this famous trail, which literally joins Boquete with Cerro Punta. A tour is always a good option for a guide to show you the best.

Flower and Coffee Fair: During the month of January flowers, coffee, cultural and craft events are the attraction of this fair, which every year has more followers both local and foreign.

Learn how local coffee is made: What better way to know where almost all the coffee from Panama comes from, than going to one of the many coffee plantations that you will see in a good part of the area.

Visit three waterfalls: Los Cascadas Perdidas de Boquete, a trail of approximately 10 kms where you will find 3 different waterfalls along the way. It is a path of medium-high difficulty and if it has rained it will be twice as difficult the route since the second and third part of the route have very strong inclinations

Rafting: Going down the rapids of the Chiriquí Viejo River, almost on the border with Costa Rica, is another favorite activity for tourists.

Canopy in the jungle: Although it does not require a lot of physical effort, the zip lines are pure adrenaline, a tour to be especially scattered when they are inside the humid Panamanian forests.

Visit the Macho Mountain Trail Canyon: The Macho de Monte River Canyon is a wonder of nature is composed of volcanic rocks that were formed more than 600 years ago in the community of Cuesta de Piedra perfect for a day tour.

Meet the Dracula Farm: If you like orchids, this place is perfect for you. Finca Drácula is an orchid farm, located 5 minutes from Guadalupe in Cerro Punta.

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